Preventing Academic Plagiarism

Education is the Key When colleges and universities adopt strict liability standards that punish all forms of plagiarism equally they are usually trying to deter conduct. In theory, such systems sound good. Punishing the plagiarist who tries passing off the ideas of another as his or her own should deter future would-be plagiarists. The problem is that [...]

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Plagiarism at Colleges & Universities

Plagiarism at colleges and universities can take numerous forms. Many colleges, however, are still applying antiquated plagiarism policies that treat all forms of plagiarism equally. Such strict liability approaches favor punishment of students over education, often requiring severe sanctions be imposed without regard to whether the plagiarism is of a serious variety or not. When [...]

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Copyright Infringement vs. Plagiarism

I’m sometimes asked to explain the differences between copyright infringement and plagiarism. The two related terms are sometimes used interchangeably by non-lawyers but they are separate and distinct offenses. Let’s start with some basic definitions. Copyright Infringement Copyright Infringement is a very specific offense–it involves copying the protected work of another author. Under the Copyright Act, ownership in a [...]

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Plagiarism and Government Research Grants

Although private industry conducts the majority of scientific and medical research in the United States, universities also conduct a significant share. Government research grants are the lifeblood of university research initiatives and the competition for scarce government funding is intense. In recent years, the competition has grown increasingly more complicated by the introduction of plagiarism [...]

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